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We offer legal services to all customers and assure you of devoted, efficient
and professional service in respect of Conveyancing and Bond Registrations


We help you with all your property registrations and transfers. This includes sectional titles, sectional title schemes and properties registered in company names, bond registrations and cancellations.

Commercial Law

Under Commercial Law we do registration and amendments of companies and closed corporations, draft sales and lease agreements. We can also draft more specific agreements tailored for your business or personal needs.

Trusts & Wills

Trusts are used for a variety of purposes thus we draft Wills and Trusts to help with the planning and administration of Deceased Estates. The Namibian Trust Law is regulated by the Trust Moneys Protection Act 34 of 1934.


An antenuptial contract is a formal written agreement concluded before marriage and is filed with the Deeds registry. We draft these for couples that require various levels of protection in a marriage.

We are here to help

+264 61 256 252